Magrella & Vass Hazerds

The Bern based siblings, best known for their accessible, yet refined, approach to fashion, have cultivated a reputation of style influencers . Modern major brands constantly collaborate with them for the obvious reasons: they have great taste, enviable lifestyle and a unique contribution to the blog industry.  

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Milan Street fashion


  • Christina Seafield "It's not difficult to rattle off the names of the year's most ubiquitous personalities in fashion."
  • Dave Roman "These guys most definitely rock. Vass and Magrella are real style icons of the new generation."

Men Under Spotlight

It's cold out there on the streets of London, but that hasn't deterred the thousands of stylish men and women who've come out to attend the London Fashion Week Mens' shows for the Winter/Spring 2018/19 season. We sent our roving street style photographer Robert Spangle (the man behind Thousand Yard Style) to take some snaps from three days of the world's leading fashion week.

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Muse clothing

There are a few keywords that will always be associated with Kate Moss: icon, supermodel, waif, and rebel, among others. There’s also one item of clothing in particular that has become synonymous with Moss’s inimitable style over the years: the slip dress. 

The brand new Muse Collection got inspired with Moss' unique style. In this collection not only classic slip dresses were introduced, but also some mini and midi dresses, skirts and blouses that were "derived" from Moss Style slip dress prototype!

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